Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Here are just a few pics from our most recent snow. The car actually is AFTER it has had the snow cleaned off.

So, just to put it in perspective, this is what we look at and are dealing with. Every day. And its snowing again! And the temperature today is a balmy -18 windchill.

While it isn't the worst winter we've had, it seems like it has been one of the longest.

And yet, there is beauty all around us, when you least expect it possibly. These flowers are on a plant I have had for 14 years. Every year, it blooms and then dies off and comes back again. Just like winter. Just like springtime.

And in 10 days, I'll be going from this:

To this:


Shelley said...

YAYYYYYYY goodbye snow..hello BEACH!! Have a blast!!

bunnygirl said...

We lived in Indiana for awhile when I was a kid and my dad has always said he doesn't miss the midwestern winters one bit!

Your vacation plan looks fab!

Non-Runner Nancy said...

Oh I'm so glad you are getting a break from it. I'll be in Vegas next week for non-stop work, but at least it will be a break from the snow.

Flo said...

You definitely need to get out of that stuff. You'll really enjoy the warm weather after all that.

Marcy said...

OMG that's A LOT of snow!! WOWZERS!! You're making me insanely jealous with the last pic. You lucky lady!!!

And I'm dying of laughter over your comment. You're a smart, smart woman. I do deserve a reward, now don't I? LOL

Anonymous said...

Here's hoping 10 days will get here fast for you :)

See Zanne Run said...

10 days?! woo hoo!!!!

Moral Victories said...

Ooooooooooooooooh... that sounds divine. :) Run your toes in the sand for me.

Sunshine said...

Plant is lovely.. can't tell... gloxinia or African violet?

Appreciating your snow shots. Yes, this is a lonnngggggg winter.

Wishing you an energizing get-away.