Friday, February 01, 2008


Its not that we don't expect it. Its just that it keeps coming and coming and coming! I missed my spin class this morning too, mainly because of weather.

My daughter was over last night with the kids and when she went to leave at almost 9 pm, she found out she had a flat tire. She figured it was from hitting two enormous potholes nearby (they never do a permanent fix either, just keep throwing tar over it whenever the weather warms up!). We had been getting snow since about 4:30 that day, so getting someone to fix it would have taken almost 2 hours, from some of the calls we made to towing companies (sorry, I just don't do flat tires!). And then I was worried about her driving home on a donut with the kids and going to work this morning too, not really knowing how much worse it would get overnight. So I took them home. In my 4 wheel drive. A normal 30-40 minute trip took more than an hour, mainly just to be safe. There was actually a lull in the snowfall for a while, and the salt trucks had been out (for once it seemed!), so a lot of the roads were down to wet pavement. But still, by the time I got home and got to bed, it was later than normal, and I had nothing organized for the morning. And I didn't sleep well again last night.

I set my alarm for 5 am though, but when it went off I made a decision right then: I'm going to lay back down and if I can't get back to sleep, I'll get up. If I do, I'll sleep until I wake up. Which is exactly what I did. I slept for another hour, but it didn't give me enough time to make lunch, breakfast, organize clothes, clear the snow off the car, etc. AND get there by 6:15. Wasn't happening today.

I have had some very good other workouts this week, so a day off wasn't going to hurt anything.

And on another snowy note, Don is finally able to get the snowblower out! Yipee! No more trying to shovel myself before work. I am so sick of that I can't tell you. And while I don't do flat tires, I also don't snowblow the driveway! I'm not a wimp, but I just don't like those big machines. They do nothing for my sense of power.

A day off from working out hopefully then will work to my advantage tomorrow when I get back to some semblance of base building for my 25k in the spring. I am a week behind the race training schedule, and plan to do the "9 on the 9th" next weekend.

Hope everyone is having better weather than we are--enjoy it if you are. Just remember those in the snow belt like I am that there's only 49 MORE DAYS UNTIL SPRING! Don't get your hopes up that Groundhog Phil will see his shadow tomorrow though. I doubt he will be willing or able to get out of his winter den with all this snow!


Fe-lady said...

Sending sunshine your way! Or better yet...come here and get some! :-)

Sunshine said...

Amazing snowing snowing snowing over there.
I'm not any more delighted with our incredible wind chills.
Count-down to spring: we need that.
Glad to hear Don is getting stronger. Best wishes!

Marcy said...

Ooooooo I forgot about Ground Hog Day! Good Lord we don't need anymore days of winter LOL

Anonymous said...

I bet you are so ready for warm weather. I hope it gets there soon!

Lisa - Slow & Steady said...

That snow has to end sometime! Hopefully sooner than later.

WADDLER26.2 said...

I know how you feel. Enough is enough on the snow. I missed apin also on Friday. Rest is good sometimes

See Zanne Run said...

just once, just once - i want it to really dump here. but i know if i lived where you live, i'd be sick of it by now too ... i remember just wondering if it would ever stop snowing when we lived in maine.

and it took me a while to realize that a day off whether scheduled or forced, is a good thing - hope it pays off on your next workout!

Non-Runner Nancy said...

Oh this snow just keeps coming...

I'm so ready to move on!