Sunday, December 02, 2007


Wow! What a day! I finally was able to snag some tickets to Trans-Siberian Orchestra, and all I can say is incredible! I have heard their CDs, but nothing compares with the show itself. They really know how to entertain!

I managed to get a few pics, but on my cell phone camera, and I have no idea how to download those, so this is from their website. What with all the to do of the day, trying to get in a run, helping Don with his showering, taking him to his mom's for a visit, shopping, baking an apple pie to take to the IM Hawaii party, picking him up, going to the party, getting to the show, I forgot the camera in the car. Whew!

And the weather they threatened all day? Finally happened right about the time we were watching Chris McCormack cross the finish line at IM Hawaii. By the time we got ready to leave for TSO, it was freezing rain on top of the probably inch of snow. Fortunately, I have 4 wheel drive, so I feel a little safer--of my own driving. It wasn't too bad yet, but you never know what the idiots out there will do.

The trick of getting to the show, parked, and inside the arena was now going to be complicated by the weather. At first, I thought I could just pull into the handicap parking lot, as directed by the Arena reps. But no, it was too bad out, and by the time we were able to maneuver around all the other traffic and get to that lot, all of the close handicap spots were taken. I made the decision then to pull out of the line into the parking lot and drive directly to the handicap entrance so Don could get out and hopefully not break his neck on the ice/snow mess. That meant him getting out of the car on the traffic side because I couldn't get in front of the door facing the right way because of traffic. While I might be somewhat of a chicken driving at times, I never hesitate to back up to wherever I need to go, and you can just get out of my way! Anyway, once I got him inside the building, they gave him a wheelchair to sit in and then I had to go back and park the car.

And just my luck, the handicap parking lot was full and they were turning people away. Whatever, I'm just parking at the closest lot possible, which happened to be right up the street, but wouldn't you know they were charging $8 to park? Outside? In this stuff? For $8, I expect to park inside, or at least have someone clean my car off later!

But I did have a handicap sticker, so maybe that's why the guy gave me a break and let me park right next to the street (as if he owned the lot or something!) If you've ever gone to concerts or ball games in a metropolitan area where they charge for parking on any square inch of concrete, then you know its like they have squatting rights or something and collect as much as possible for each spot. Normally, I would walk the 5 or 6 blocks from my work parking lot where I can park for free, but tonight? Whatever, I'm not arguing.

Back inside at the concert, where my shoes were now soaked through, a guest services person takes us to customer service where we have to trade in our tickets for handicap seating. I was a little disappointed with this because we had floor seating, fairly close to the front, and now we would be relegated to some obscure corner. As it turned out, we were in a separate balcony in the upper bowl seating area, next to a suite, so we got to sit in folding chairs watching the group next to us party down the whole night. In this venue, there isn't a bad seat in the house for sound, but we were up higher now and I couldn't see anyone's faces. But we were amused constantly by the group next to us!

Anyway, the show was fabulous, and I couldn't help but realize how much energy these musicians put into this show! This was also their second show of the day here, so it was almost like doing 2 marathons in one day! They are all over the place constantly, and unlike other shows that always have an intermission half way through? Not them. They took a "break" and introduced all the musicians and singers and warmed up the crowd, and then it was right back at it for another hour and a half. So a total of about 3 hours, as opposed to the usual 2. For $51, I would say I got more than my money's worth! Its only taken me 5 years to get tickets! I was glad Don decided he would still go to the concert. I had almost thought of selling my tix! But that would have been too easy.
And this is what my car looked like after the show! It was actually pouring rain when we left, making for another interesting situation. There was so much ice and snow on the sidewalks, there was no way Don was going to get to the car without the wheelchair they provided. And fortunately the woman helping us pushed him right to the car. My hair was pretty much soaked running back and forth too. Fortunately, by the time we finally coordinated all this, most of the crowd had left and we don't live too far from the Arena, so it was a sloppy drive home, but not too bad with the 4 wheel drive.
We are both learning firsthand what its like living the life of a handicap person.


See Zanne Run said...

sounds like when we go to the Derby - the people that live around the track are all out in front of their houses - charging $20 to park on their lawns. its worth it on derby day ... everything that day is just a huge splurge - i bet they make a killing - you'd be amazed at how many cars they can squeeze onto a tiny lawn! i still have to go back & catch up on Don ... despite the weather, and the wheelchair maneuvering, it sounds like you had a great time!

Fe-lady said... guys are amazing going to the IM party and then the orchestra...all while pushing/being in a wheel chair! Michiganites have some toughness, I tell you!