Saturday, December 29, 2007


I prefer to move forward. I figure at my age, what's the point of looking back? Even if I make mistakes or things don't go as hoped for, I have already self-analyzed everything surrounding that event, so I figure its best to just move on. I have learned what's the breaking point. So far, I have faced the worst that I could imagine and have moved on. I know there is the possibility of something worse, but these things are out of my control. I have learned to put my life and trust in a higher being; for me this is God. I have faith that God will provide for me, and also the comfort of knowing that God is there whenever I call upon that faith.

I am forever grateful for all my blogger friends, and hope at some point I can meet up with each of you. I have been touched by you and your lives this past year and am most thankful for the opportunity of having gotten to know each of you. And for those of you I have met, I hope our friendship will continue, wherever our paths may go.

I am also grateful for having come unto the running/triathlon world. I do believe we all are a special breed, chosen for this way of life unbeknownst to us why. It has become a part of me, as all of you have become a part of me. I look forward as often as possible to reading about and sharing in your daily lives.

I look forward to the new year, not really making a "resolution" but just a resolve to continue on, not give up, not quit, not give in. I consider each day a gift to savor and enjoy, for however long I am given to live on this earth.

And I have been tagged by SW Tri Girl. So I have to think of 5 "interesting" things about myself. Personally, I can't think of any, but here goes again:

1. I have visited 30 states so far. I have done races in 21 states.

2. I have no real desire to visit anywhere outside the U.S. except somewhere in the Carribbean.

3. I want to move somwhere WARM SOON!

4. I'm not sure I want to do an IM. Does this make me bad or a loser? I don't think so, but sometimes I feel guilty.

5. I probably would continue working as long as I was able IF: I could work part-time; if my age wasn't a detriment; if I needed the money (I suspect with the way things are going, I will!).

I will tag Flo, Suzanne, and Waddler26. I think everyone else has been tagged.


Flo said...

Oh you got me!! Okay, I will post the answers tomorrow. Not sure there are 5 interesting things about me (that I can print anyway :).

SWTrigal said...

#4-No that makes you sane!

Sunshine said...

Our Sweet Pea just said to me, "I'm reading Vickie's blog. I'm so glad we met her! I especially like her second paragraph."
Me, too, Vickie. We treasure meeting you at the Grand Rapids marathon expo in October.
You are not a loser and God is with you!!

Anonymous said...

very nice post, and I like your attitude :)

Hope you have a wonderful 2008!

Non-Runner Nancy said...

That's a lot of states!!

You are most definitely not a loser.

Looking FORWARD to 2008!! I've really enjoyed getting to know you in 2007

Marcy said...

#3 is on my list too!!! Arrrghhhhh get me outta NY!!!

Shelley said...

Not every triathlete has to do an IM...if you don't want to..then don't. Your goals are what's important and following through on them..I will try to do just that..:-)

Have a great 2008 Vickie!!

Lisa - Slow & Steady said...

Races in 21 states - that is impressive.

I don't want to do an IM either. I think it's important that your goals are *your* goals and not those that you think you should have.

Best wishes for a FANTASTIC year in 2008!!

See Zanne Run said...

happy new year vickie!! oh lord, 5interesting things about me? am going to have to think ...

can't wait to see what you do in 2008 ... you continue to be a big inspiration to me - i'm so glad we've connected - in blog land and in real life!