Monday, April 09, 2007


Spring break, in Michigan at least, generally means a break from the school routine and cold weather, when many families head to warmer climates to enjoy the week together. I've done the same thing myself. And usually, if the weather has been cold up to this point, it is on a warming trend by the end of spring break.

This year, spring break means just that--a break from spring. The weather here has been snowy and cold, and it was snowier and colder on Easter than it was on Thanksgiving or Christmas! I have been getting "Winter Weather Warnings" on my computer for the past several days. Even the weather people are confused as to what season and month it is. And Saturday, while out shopping for my Easter dinner fixings, I encountered a whiteout on the highway. A whiteout! Its April, isn't it??

I'm telling you, I am getting increasingly annoyed and frustrated with the whole global warming BS. Just where do these people live who are pushing this theory? Not here, that's for sure. There might be climate changes going on throughout the world, but warming? I hardly think so. Michigan is living proof of that. When Lake Michigan gets to be 80 degrees all summer long, maybe I'll change my opinion.

And our weather forecast for the next 10 days at least is predicted to be colder--and snowier--than normal. Yes, I would think by mid-April a weather forecast that included the word snow would mean it would be colder than normal. Global warming? Phsaw!

In the meantime, I decided it would be a good investment to get my treadmill fixed, in light of the continued unseasonably cold weather. I am tired of dealing with the cold and would rather sweat and drive myself crazy by staying inside for now. I knew it would be the only guaranteed way to get my miles in, something I have been neglecting for weeks for one reason or another.

My foot has calmed down for now, so I decided to risk the dreaded long run on the treadmill on Sunday. I had done 2 other runs during the week of 3.5 and 3.1 miles and they went okay, so I figured I could risk doubling that.

I had forgotten about the run/walk method I had used in the past to build up my miles and decided to go back to it, not only to prevent totally bonking but to test out the foot at various stages of the run. For the most part, I got through a 7.8 mile run in pretty good shape. I had hoped to reach 8 miles, but the time ran out at 7.8 and I called it good, using an 8/2 method. I was able to keep my pace steady through most of the run, and actually bumped it up toward the end without difficulty when I realized I was not going to make my distance goal in the time allotted. If I am going to reach my distance goals this month, I am going to need to increase my long run every weekend through this month. That should put me on track for the 25k next month. I am not making any bets yet on how this will go. I am hoping to not have to to do all this on the treadmill! And since I do not have any planned events for this month, I will focus instead on building mileage.


Phoenix said...

Bummer about the snow! What a tease spring has been this year.

Good job on the long run - 7 and change is plenty long. And on a treadmill?!?!? You've got a will of steel.

Hope it warms up for you soon.

Flo said...

No, no, you don't understand. The temps are increasing. It's getting warmer everywhere. There will be droughts throughout the land. It will be horrible!!! Unless they're wrong????

I do hope it warms up soon for you. We've had unseasonably cold weather here to - but no white outs :)