Tuesday, April 24, 2007


Yes, that was the workout of the day, a long, slow run, 1:02 to be exact. I'm still working on building my endurance and time on my feet, rather than worrying about speed or miles right now. After my two hour run on Saturday, I knew I still had to build on that.

The plan today then was leave the gym/work building by 6:45 so I could be back by 7:45 to get ready for work. It is finallly getting light out in the early mornings--again. I say finally and again because of what I consider to be the unnecessary extending of daylight savings time--where it goes from being almost light to being dark just that much longer in the morning (I know, there are people who like the longer light factor in the evenings, but I'm not going to debate that again).

I wore tights today, figuring it was a little colder than Saturday morning, and also knowing I wouldn't be out there as long. They were new, so I didn't notice they were on BACKWARDS because of the new-fangled concept (to me) of zippers on the ankles. (I haven't bought a new pair of tights in probably 10 years.) I couldn't help but notice the zippers were in an odd place, pretty much in the front and on the inside of my ankle. "Probably why they were so cheap, they're defective," I thought and dismissed it until I figured it out later and realized it was more likely my brain power at 0'dark thirty that was defective! Oh well, too late to change now.

My gym is in the basement of the building I work in, so my usual habit is to take the stairs to the ground level and head out to run from there. I have done this many times over the past several months. Never once were the doors locked--like they were today. So there I was, locked in a stairwell and no way to get out. So much for fire safety!

I finally decided to pound on the ground level door, near the guard desk, until one of them finally let me out. Then I gave them a lecture about the doors being locked so in the event of fire no one could get out. They didn't seem to grasp that concept, just gave the reason that the doors electronically opened at 7 am. I'm not the smartest person in the world, but it doesn't take much more than an idiot to figure out they could--and should--leave the ground level door--near the guard desk (fully within sight)--open if for no other reason than fire safety. Duh!

Two strikes already against me, but I was determined to get the run in regardless. I figured my legs would feel dead from the other day yet, but I was surprised at how light they actually felt. There is something magical and transforming, for me at least, in getting past that two hour mark of running. Everything changes, from the way my legs feel to my breathing getting more even and under control. I could almost feel a return of strength in my legs I haven't felt in a long time. I felt like that Saturday too. And it really was a glorious day again, the time of year for us here that makes up for all the crap days (and we probably have a lot more than a lot of you!) we have otherwise. And it made me realize just what a narrow window of time we have for any serious training here. Which is why it is important to get the running miles in early in the season, because otherwise there isn't enough time for the bike.

So out I ran 30 minutes, turned and headed back. I did start feeling it by the time I hit the 40 minute mark, but one thing I knew was I would have to keep going if I were going to get to work on time. That's a good incentive for me. The traffic was heavier by now, so I was forced to wait for every traffic light. It gave me a good chance to observe just how many horrible drivers there are out there. It seems like they are worse in the mornings, with everyone rushing to get wherever they need to go, not worrying about others or safety. (Hmm, could that be why I got hit by a car in the morning??)

Anyway, when I got back to the building, the guard apologized for the locked door. Now we'll see if they unlock at least one door for the future.


Shelley said...

Hee hee..backwards tights..well I've worn many a thing backwards..:-))

bunnygirl said...

LOL about the tights!

Phoenix said...

Two Hour Run?!?!?! Dang, girl.

Yeah, backwards tights, done that.

Flo said...

Don't own tights so I'm at a loss there. Nice on the running though. You seem to be making really good progress with it. That's great.

WADDLER26.2 said...

New style tights- I love it. Did it change your aerodymanics??

E-Speed said...

glad you made it out of the stairwell! God that would have got me all upset.

Fe-lady said...

I have put my bike shorts on backwards in the early hours of the morning...but actually caught myself before I headed out for the ride.
I hear it's good luck to not change clothing once you put it on backwards!
Congrats on your two hour run!
(see-the good luck is working already!)

Lisa - Slow & Steady said...

Backwards tights...that sounds like something I would done (or probably have already and didn't even realize it. Ha!)

Ellie said...

It's so good to hear about your strength and endurance coming back. Congratulations on sticking with it!