Monday, April 20, 2009

As luck would have it, we had two glorious days of weather in a row, and my long workouts fell on both days. For some odd reason, the schedule called for a long run on Friday and a bike/run on Saturday. I'm not sure if there was some mixup on the schedule, since I've noticed there are a couple of glitches in it otherwise--like one Saturday coming up it calls for a 2 hour 15 min. swim and a 45 min. run. I'm pretty much thinking its run 2:15, swim 45 min. Whatever the reason for the long run Friday, bike/run Saturday and OFF Sunday, I went with it.
After our 70+ degree weather on Friday and Saturday (who knew that biking in shorts and a bike shirt would result in a faster bike split than when dressed in winter gear??), I woke Sunday to the expected clouds and drizzle.
Having the prospect of a whole Sunday without working out and with not so great weather led me to realize it would be a good day to spend doing spring wardrobe shopping. Like it or not, I find that it is necessary each spring and fall to do a little wardrobe updating, and the bonus is that through work we got an additional 20% off the total shopping bill at JC Penney the same day they were also having a big sale. I have found Penneys to have a fairly decent career wardrobe department for the budget conscious shopper like me (i.e., cheap), and last year discovered this sale and the coupon was the way to go.
What does shopping have to do with working out? Not much other than the working out has led to trimming down 12 pounds over the past 4 months (closer to the weight I would ideally like to be) so I wasn't so worried about trying on clothes. I still end up wearing petite 10, but this year I also found in some items I could almost wear the 8 petite and others that the 10 was just too big. But I stuck with the 10 on most things just for comfort.
Another reason this year to do some wardrobe changing and updating is a new dress code at work being enforced for summer wear, thanks to all those who feel it necessary to dress for the beach when coming to the office. No more flip flops or even shoes that make a flip flop sound; no capri length pants unless part of a suit; no tank tops without a jacket; etc. While I usually don't go that casual, I did have several capri length pants with no matching jackets so now needed to look for some that either had a jacket or would go with a jacket I already had.
The end result of my shopping trip was: two tops, one a navy/blue/white geometric print, one a raspberry colored scoop neck top; one black pair of pants (pretty standard); one black capri length pants; one black skirt (also pretty standard); one white pair of capri length pants with a matching white jacket and two belts--both reversible, giving me a white/tan belt and a black/navy belt. I'm pretty good at coordinating, and with just these items I pretty much have endless combinations of things to wear, along with what I already have in my closet. And I was out of the store in under an hour and a half.
The best part of the deal was what I spent compared to what I saved. My bill minus the savings was $128. I had two gift cards with money left on them that resulted in my total being $55. And my savings? $174. There is no way I would have bought any of this stuff if not on sale and having the coupon. I would have just continued wearing the old stuff until I absolutely had to find something else, but yesterday was my lucky day in how much I saved and how little time it took. And I get a whole new look besides! Can't wait now to get some new Lia Sophia jewelry I ordered that, coincidentally, will match everything I bought.
Now if I could just find some deals in triathlon clothes. I cringe at the thought of paying $70 (or more) for a pair of decent bike shorts.


ShirleyPerly said...

Wow, what a savvy shopper you are! Congrats too on the weight loss!!

Lisa Slow-n-Steady said...

Great job on your long workouts - how nice to have good weather.

And apparently you are a competitive shopper too. I get exited when I have coupons and certificates and find sales too.

Christie said...

I'm not a fan of shopping at all. For the most part, I shop when my clothes start to look like they belong to someone else. And it's rare that I find a good deal too. I'm so jealous.

And what's the deal with exercise gear? Why is it so darn expensive?

chia said...

Fantastic outing to Penneys! Now if only Gazelle or Striders would start doling out that kind of discount ;-).

Your schedule is funny to me :-). I sure would like to see anybody try to swim that long LOL.

Marlene said...

Shopping! That sounds like a perfect way to spend the day. Congratulations on your weight loss - I'm sure that made the shopping even more fun. Nice savings!!

Lily on the Road said...

ohhh, you gotta love a good deal!

IronBob (swimming upstream at IMAZ 08) said...

OMG, My wife tells me all the money she is savings when she shops also.... funny thing is the bank account is always deminished afterwards. Not sure how that works..
They only test amateurs if the beat the pros.. then they know something is up. No worries in my case

Just_because_today said...

you shop like I do, pricewise. I focus and the savings more than what I pay. I, however, despise shopping!!! aghhh, i only do it when I must, and I mean I must!