Thursday, October 23, 2008

RANDOM THOUGHTS ON THE ELLIPTICAL It really is much too early to begin thinking of indoor workouts, even if it is getting down to the 20s in the mornings. But I have been giving the hip a rest this week and decided to try an elliptical day for a change, since I forgot the spin shoes. And of course I did not have my earbuds to listen to music, but even if I had, the music station was on opera and someone actually was listening to it. Hard to believe. And then the earphones available in the gym aren't the best and actually don't even stay on my head they're so stretched out, and somehow I managed to get my earring caught up on them and was stuck for a while. So, I just decided to forget it and go solo without music or TV or anything else. I'm tough! I could stick it out for 30 minutes!
But that always gets my mind wandering, and here are some random thoughts about the gym:
  1. Why would anyone listen to opera while working out??
  2. Why would anyone listen to opera anytime??
  3. Why is it the one day in months I go to the gym at lunch time the place is packed and everyone wants to use the ellipticals??
  4. Why is it the one day in months I go to the gym at lunch time, the 7 women in the locker room all have lockers next to each other??
  5. Why do the locker room attendants (all male) pick lunch time or 5 pm to clean the women's locker room??
  6. Why does the treadmill repair man come to fix the equipment at lunch time?
  7. Why does the old man come to the gym dressed in dockers (pants and shoes), a sweater, and button down shirt and walk on the treadmill at 1.5 mph??
  8. Why do they still have Schwinn Airdynes with seats the size of manhole covers??
  9. Why does someone actually use the Schwinn Airdynes with seats the size of manhole covers (while listening to opera)??
  10. And last but not least, why does one person have to monopolize every TV and the one on their elliptical just to watch 6 different news stations all at once??

I could go on probably indefinitely, but my 30 minutes were up. That was enough inside working out for one week for me! The hip is also feeling better, so I'm hoping to continue outdoor running at least for now. Working out indoors is definitely going to take some slow adjustment time.


Lisa Slow-n-Steady said...

hahahha. i wonder some of those things. especially why all the women using lockers are right next to each other rather than spread out, and why they choose to clean and do maintenance at popular times for using the gym!

Anne said...

I guess I shouldn't complain when they have country music on at my gym. I thought it was hard to build momentum by listening to slow-sounding tales of heartache. Guess I never thought of opera.

Marcy said...

ROFLMAO good thoughts chica!

Oy, don't even get me started on the 20 degree mornings. The best has yet to come *rolls eyes*

Girl on Top said...

The locker room attendants are all male?!!! Uncomfortable!

Sunshine said...

Thanks for the lunch time wondering. I like the way you think!!