Friday, January 25, 2008

Don and I went to see this movie last night, a special one-night showing in many locations. We were fortunate enough to have a movie theater close by.
It was like being at a race, seeing so many people we have come to know over the years, runners and triathletes alike. It was different being on the relaxing side of an event for once.
This was a documentary about the lives of 6 "mortals" like us, and two elite runners, one being Deanna Kastor, who were training for the 2005 Chicago Marathon. The underlying theme was "training for and crossing the finish line of a marathon will transform your life." Since Chicago was my first marathon, watching the training and sometimes struggles of these people as they trained brought back many memories, good and bad, of running that race, following along on the course, and seeing the magnificent city of Chicago, and all the emotions that go along with running a marathon.
Hopefully, all of you will get a chance to see it.
On a personal note, Don got his cast off today! Yipee! For me and him. His need of my assistance lessened over the last few weeks because he actually started driving last week and getting around without the crutches, but still needed a cane. He had big thoughts of hitting the gym first thing today, but the doc said no, wait a week at least, go to physical therapy and see what they want you to do, and "under no circumstances try to run, do too much walking, and absolutely no stretching on your own." So the fear has been instilled in him, and I know how sick he was of that cast, so I know he will comply.
Tomorrow is the much anticipated indoor triathlon. I have been training hard for this the last two weeks, so it was nice to have an easier week. Even though each event is only a 15 minute segment, those 45 minutes are as intense as a fast 5k or sprint tri. Last year I squeaked by and got a 3rd in the AG, mainly because first place overall and masters was in my AG. But this year, Jan has moved into the AG, so I'm pretty sure I'm going out to pasture until I move to another AG. The only hope for me is that one other woman in the AG last year has moved out. Its not that I expect to win anything; its more the fact that there probably are only 6 women in the AG, and I won't be able to beat the other 5, so I don't want to feel left out! LOL! Anyway, all I really hope for is to improve over last year. You take what you get. There are no guarantees how you will place or how I will do. The only guarantee is that I will do my best.
And its still snowing here, and to make matters worse, the temps are now staying in the single digits. But not for long apparently! They say by Monday it will be 40 degrees and raining! Go figure on that. Probably a January thaw--at the end of January no less.
Hope everyone has good weekends, good weather, and good workouts. I'll post a race report Saturday or Sunday.


Anonymous said...

We liked the movie, too! There were so many things I could relate to with the training runs and those last draining 6 miles of the race. Glad you enjoyed it :)

Good luck with your indoor tri tomorrow!! You've trained well and will do great!!

bunnygirl said...

That's great news Don got his cast off. And good luck on the indoor tri!

bill carter said...

Cool post. I had to work last night and could not see the movie, but somewhere along the way I will. Keep up the the great training.

Flo said...

It didn't play here in Hawaii, at least not that I heard of!! Hopefully I'll get to see it soon.
Yea!! for Don getting his cast off. He'll be back at it before you know it.

Good luck on your tri tomorrow. I know you'll do great and I can't wait to hear about it.

Sunshine said...

Thanks for the movie review. We are hoping it will eventually come out on DVD.
Best wishes for healing for Don. Waiting, when we would rather be running, is difficult.

And an absolute TON of good luck to you tomorrow. You have trained, you do well, you WILL do well!! Looking forward to your report.

See Zanne Run said...

i went to see this last night, but it was sold out ... there is an encore performance on February 21 -i'll be sure to buy tickets in advance next time!

can't wait to hear about your indoor tri! have fun & good luck!

Lisa - Slow & Steady said...

Yay for Don gettng his cast off!!

Have a BLAST tomorrow.

Non-Runner Nancy said...

Great news and good luck!! I loved the movie too!

Marcy said...

I so have to see the movie on the next go around.

GOOD LUCK chica!!! You'll do great!!