Tuesday, January 08, 2008


With the new year and Don now being in a cast where he can manage more by himself, it was time to get back to my usual morning workout routine.

I had been a little slack over the month of December in working out in the morning. I had been working out, but more after work. My preference has always been morning routines, but with my morning routine at home changed for a while, it made more sense to just lay back, not worry about it, and wait for time to pass.

It was a somewhat different routine, but not one that was unpleasant, and during the busy holiday season, Don's' hospitalization, and everything else surrounding that, it really made life easier to get up and get dressed at home, fixing him breakfast and helping him get started in the morning. And it was certainly easier going to work without having to haul work clothes and a gym bag in every morning, while trying to balance a purse and coffee cup.

But I still knew all that would be over soon enough. This week was the beginning of the back to morning workout routine.
Today was easy enough too because it has been warm and no snow. Storms last night swirled around us, but nothing but some rain and a little thunder and lightning came our way for a change.

And I have been working on my swimming again. With the indoor triathlon coming up at the end of the month, I know I will have to work hard to show up some of those young gals! And I found out, my friend Jan is starting masters swimming classes this week. Sneaky, sneaky on her part! I have always swam on a fairly regular basis, but started last week adding longer workouts and speed interval drills to bet back to a better form and time.

Today's workout was 2200 yards, 52:41. The main thing with swimming longer distances is to keep focused throughout the workout to not lose track and not get bored. Every 5 laps, I would change my breathing pattern. This helped me keep track and added in harder lap intervals. By the last 10 laps, I did a few speed drills to again keep me focused and from quitting early. Up to the last 10 laps, I did not push myself at all, but did concentrate on keeping my form and staying relaxed. I know I have done faster in the past, but this is just for base building and seeing where I'm at.
So its back to routine.


Anonymous said...

Great swim workout! Swimming is my weakest area :( Thanks for the tips on staying focused.

Flo said...

That is too funny. What can I say??? Great minds think alike :)

RunningCrazyAfter3 said...

Sounds like you are back in the swing of things! Nice swim. I really need to get myself to the pool one of these days.

Sunshine said...

I am so in awe!

Fe-lady said...

Can't wait to read about how you do at the indoor tri coming up! I wish someone around here would have one...
Great swim mileage/time! (I am whooped at about 2000!)

WADDLER26.2 said...

Impressive swim workouts. Great job. You are my hero.