Sunday, July 29, 2007


If I were to place a personal ad, here's what it might say:

MFT (mature female triathlete). Loves long swims in the lake, bike rides on flat to rolling country roads, running in the early morning hours, the thrill of the race. Looking for that PR (perfect race) to complete her goals for the year. Willing to travel.

So, after making the decision, somewhat reluctantly (and I still feel compelled to change my mind!) to NOT do the Steelhead race this weekend (I will attend to watch, Shelley; can't miss a chance to meet up!), I am now looking for a replacement race before the snow flies here. I can't get it out of my head that I won't be happy waiting much longer. I know I'm not the fastest legs out there, but I do think I can complete a half this year, even despite needing to heal a little longer.

I have looked at several raes now, in different locales, but have not made a final decision (as if I could decide that fast!). I have one particular one in mind, because it is in mid-September and a driveable distance away--and with no trail running. I need to have hard, smooth, flat concrete to not mess up the ankle further. I may be contacting YOU about what you know about a particular race.

Ankle update: I needed to get a medical release to roll over my entry in Steelhead, but decided to go for a consult anyway. I should have done this right in the beginning, of course. Something was bothering me about the ankle I couldn't explain. I was reminded of another past injury and how that felt. I had gone for one last long ride on Tuesday, and was really surprised when I found I had absolutely no power in the injured ankle. Or the opposite knee. So I was really struggling to get any speed. I thought at first it was from the ankle brace, and it may have been, but I was working harder than usual without any results. Without the new wheels, I doubt I could have averaged 10 mph. That night, the ankle went into a spasm every time I put any weight on it.

Initial examination by the doctor said it was a grade 2 sprain, which was good, meaning most likely no serious ligament damage or tears. This was based on the minor instability in the ankle rotation, etc. But, the pain over the bone (fibula?) was sharp enough upon compression that it about sent me off the table. His initial diagnosis was a stress fracture, but then he changed it to just a (small) chip after looking at the x-rays. (I knew I fell hard!)

Either way, he recommended another 3-4 weeks of no running, mainly no impact, to prevent a stress fracture. Since I was already 2 weeks into the process, healing was already taking place. My last injury that resembled some of these symptoms was when I hit my elbow on a ceramic towel rack. Similar symptoms: weakness, sharp pain over area, and limited movement. Same diagnosis: stress fracture or chip. That lasted a LONG time, and I don't want this dragging out. So I will be good for now.

In the meantime, looking for that race.


Flo said...

I'm glad you went to the doc. I knew there was more to that then just a sprain by the way you described it. I chipped a bone in my elbow once, that was miserable. I hope your ankle heals quicker than my elbow did.

Lisa - Slow & Steady said...

A chipped bone. OUCH!!

Hope you have some fun watching the race this weekend. I know you really wanted to participate, but giving your ankle time to heal is the best move.

So you're looking for a replacement race. All the best with that!

SWTrigal said...

I hate it when the Dr. says "no runnning" for any period of time!
hang in there..

Fe-lady said...

Just keep thinking of the big picture...
in the meantime...SWIM your little butt off! :-)
(No hard kicking tho!)
Heal fast!

Phoenix said...

Youch. No wonder it hurts so much! So glad you decided not to race - you obvioulsy need time to heal.

Hope you find the race of your dreams soon - I think you know which one I'm voting for ;)

the Dread Pirate Rackham said...

Yeow! Have you thought about aqua jogging? It's no-impact (and I mean that - your feet do not touch the pool floor), and it will get you ready for when you have the OK to hit the road.

jeanne said...

yikes, good luck with your recovery. sounds painful.

re: accelerade. i have no idea how they chose me!! i don't even run long enuf these days to need the stuff! anyway, i bet if you write them, they'll ship it out to you pronto.

Wylee said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog the other day. Sorry to hear you've been injured, my advice to you would be to make sure it heals properly the first time so they don't have to go in and "fix it." Until then do like Fe-lady said and swim little fishy, swim!