Thursday, November 30, 2006


I used to do those quite often. Another rainy morning, and its getting colder. We are under a winter storm watch through tomorrow. I'm hoping it goes away the way it always does when the news people hype up the weather for days at a time, and the storm will pass without incident.

I know tomorrow is December 1, but I am still not ready for snow. I never am, really. I have never been a winter sports enthusiast, but I do remember as a kid playing outside every day regardless of how cold it was or how much snow we had, sledding and skating. Every day after school. All weekend long. The more snow, the better! I guess I see it as a major inconvenience now.

On the other hand, last night people were still out running in shorts. I could go for that all winter and would even deal with some rainy, dark days if necessary.

Last night, I did make it to the gym with my grandson and did my 1 mile swim. I'm pretty sure I kept better track of my laps (and I know Sharon, that I could make it easier by hitting the lap button on my watch if I knew how to use it and see it!), and when I hit the 1/2 mile mark, I was still under 20 min. That is faster than it has been lately, so figured I might have missed a lap or two, but by the 1 mile mark (by my count), I was at 42 min. That allowed for some stopping and readjusting the goggles too, so I was happy enough with that. I continued swimming until I hit 45 min. I wasn't necessarily tired, but it was getting late, and I had to get Kyle home. He is content playing in the water the whole time, and I am able to check on him every time I turn at the ends of the pool, so there is never more than 30-40 seconds with my eyes off from him. He is also starting to do some laps, but he can't keep up with me yet nor is he willing to do laps that long.

So this morning it was just a few weights and a short elliptical workout. I had an early morning appointment and decided it was still easier leaving from the gym in the morning rather than home, since I needed to get to the other side of town in the height of traffic time. I used to do hard run workouts in the evening and then get up and swim and then take the next day after off, something I will most likely do tomorrow! Surprisingly, though, I don't feel fatigued or too tired from the workouts, so that is also a turning point for me. Not that I don't get tired at all. Far from it. But my fatigue from workouts is getting less and less, and I know I am ready for something new.

I think it is time to switch tactics on my running, now that I have actually worked up to 45 min. at a time of walking and running. This weekend will be 3 months since the accident and 1 month since I started back running. I'm thinking along the lines of 3 one mile repeats, with a walk break between each. I really want to see if I can run a whole mile at a time, and what kind of pace I can keep. I figure if I can swim almost nonstop for 45 min., I should be able to run 1 mile nonstop. I think I will see more progress made if I can get over that hurdle. I'm pretty sure it will be on the treadmill though. so that will also be an exercise in mental toughness, my mantra for these rehab months.


sharon said...

Vickie I don't think there is any question that you are mentally tough. That 60 min. on the dreadmill should be nothing compared to what you've been through lately.

TriFeist said...

You have come so far in 3 months. It's just amazing.

And even after the accident you swim a mile faster than me. What's up with that? :)

Flo said...

You've really made tremendous progress, wow!!!

So yeah, a mile in 42 minutes??? Not too shabby. Someday I too will swim fast.