Wednesday, November 29, 2006


The last until who knows when, according to the weather forecast. Not that it isn't time, but unless you are into winter sports, no one would around these parts could possibly be anxious for the snow and cold.

It has been nice having at least some warm weather I could enjoy, since I was "robbed" of all the good fall weather (which we didn't get anyway). But, despite the nice morning, I chose to stay home from the gym today. I really wanted to get in another "practice" run. I still say practice because I haven't been able to run non stop for more than 10 min. at a time yet--but I'm progressing and working on it as much as I can tolerate. Unfortunately, the annual heel flareup is in full blowup mode. Its really hard to believe its from ramping up the running too much or too fast. I really wish I could figure this out. I do think it is somehow related to running on the track, because it seems like whenever it starts, its when I have been track running for a while. In my case, its only been twice, so it hardly makes sense, but I can definitely say it really started bothering me after Saturday's track run. With Chi Running, it shouldn't be happening, so I'm doing something wrong with my foot somehow.

So I stayed home and iced my foot and took care of all the things I didn't do Tuesday night because I was so tired. I actually went to bed at 9 pm, and had my alarm not gone off, I would have slept until who knows when. Tonight, I will go swimming and take the grandsons, so it worked best to just stay home for a chance.

But that also leads to a problem--morning traffic, something I can almost totally avoid when coming to work in the early hours. I live 5 miles from work, so tell me why it should take 20+ minutes to get there?? And that would be on a good day. This leads to stress for me. Lesson learned? Go to the gym early no matter what! Once this heel flareup is calmed down, I will make some sort of arrangement to bring my ice and do the icing at the gym or something. It sure starts my day out better not having that early morning stress.


Fe-lady said...

Everytime I get on a track I get injured....hope you are feeling better!
I believe it's colder here (low 50s with lots of wind!)than in Michigan!

Shelley said...

You hang in there're getting there!!