Tuesday, July 01, 2008


A new month. July already. The summer flies by. With our short season of "good" weather, sometimes I feel like a squirrel scurrying around gathering nuts for the winter, as I cram in all the training I can manage in a short amount of time. Before you know it, my big event of the year will be here, and then its a downslide to the darkside again.

And here's a new concept for me, although its nothing new of course: actually keeping track of my mileage, rather than just my workouts.

I learned a lesson last night as I did something quite out of the ordinary for me: I totalled up my monthly mileage for swim, bike, and run. I have NEVER done this in 20 years of racing. Why? I don't really know. As a Virgo, I should be quite anal about such things, but I never have been. I would start, but after maybe 3 days would forget to record anything, and then it was back to keeping track in my head. That was certainly doable and easy enough when my brain cells were still young and fresh, but now I'm finding if I don't write it down, its likely to be forgotten quickly.

And what did I learn last night? I learned that had I actually been keeping track, meaning subtotalling through the month instead of just writing down what I was doing (which, by the way, became a new form of discipline just a year ago, so I was gradually working up to this), I would have known that I had:

Run: 57.5 miles
Biked: 199.3 miles
Swam: 8.25 miles
Pushups done: 59

I could have easily rounded all those off without any effort had I just been keeping track.

That being said, this month I WILL keep track and also try to beat last month's goals besides.

Its never too late to teach an old dog new tricks.


Running Knitter said...

Those are amazing numbers - keep it up!

chia said...

I'm writing an application to log all this stuff with the click of a button. I'll have to send it your way when done.

You said "nuts" and "anal" in the same post. I am scorpio and easily distracted.

Have a great holiday :-)

Marcy said...

Wow, I'm surprised you never kept track! That's an accomplishment in itself! Aren't runners/triathletes an anal bunch when it comes to the digits? LOL

Anonymous said...

Great numbers, Vickie!

I'm not good at keeping track of that stuff either. Jeff is almost appalled that I don't download (or upload?) my all my runs and bike rides to the computer to analyze! I just like doing them.

You are doing awesome and it will pay off for you and your big event :)

WADDLER26.2 said...

great numbers, Vickie

Lisa - Slow & Steady said...

You had an awesome month. I could have kicked myself at the end of May when I was less than a mile short of 200on the bike (same thoughts...if only I kept a running tally...).

Lily on the Road said...

Yikes, I've never kept track...and you said "nuts" and "anal" in the same post....LMAO Chia!!!

I'm Gemini, I'm a definitely easy to distract...what was I talking about???

Gah, does this mean I should start too?

Sunshine said...

Well, see, we have been trying to tell you that you are amazing!
And thank you for stopping by with your usual encouragement for us.
You should know that Sweet Pea is one of your most faithful readers.
Wishing you a great July.

Black Knight said...

Its never too late to teach an old dog new tricks: I like it (because I am an old dog!).
And I'm also surprised you never kept track, now sometimes I spend my time reading my log-book.....does it mean that I am getting older?

bill carter said...

Hi Vickie

You know I have been reading your blog for a while and am really surprised that you haven't kept track of your mileage. I really enjoy my journals and looking back at what I've done and I think you will too.

Best of luck and I love the squirrel analogy.