Thursday, April 17, 2008


Over the past few years, I have been very adept at finding money while out on my runs. Early morning runs yield the biggest jackpots. Today was no exception.

It was only 2 dimes today, just 20 cents, but I added it to my stash of found coins on the run. I have about $5 now in spare change, just from picking it up on runs.

I have found $5, $10, several $1 bills, even half of a $20 once. One morning, I found 75 cents (3 quarters) just laying in the street, and then a little further on more money: another quarter, a couple of dimes, and several pennies, almost like someone had flung a handful of money into the street. Their loss is my gain.

What amazes me is not only how frequently this happens, but the fact that I can actually spot a dime at 100 feet in the light from streetlights, or a crumpled bill on the grass in the semi-light of morning, yet I can't find something in the cupboard at home (coffee as a reminder was my last goofup). One advantage of running just as its getting light out means getting out there before anyone else does.

And most of the money I find is in the street, making me think people are dropping it or losing it in the dark as they pull out or put away their keys.

I've found a lot of other stuff out there over the years, but spare change seems to be the easiest and most frequent find. It pays to look where you're running!

Postscript: I went for a walk at lunch time around the river. There was a guy walking along asking people for? Spare change! LOL! Try running, buddy, instead of begging!


cindy said...

how funny!

I usually find odd things like GI Joe accesories, hot wheels, oh and one time I found a new wrapped set the little foam iPod ear covers!

I'd say running has definitely "enriched" your life ;)

Fe-lady said...

I dubbed my run on Tuesday the "Penny Lane" run. I came home with seven pennies...
Only one today however.
I guess I look down when I run too...or the early rising sun causes the money to glint so I looks its way. :-)
It pays to run, in more ways than one!

bunnygirl said...

I must run in the wrong places because I NEVER find money!

Marcy said...

DANG!! Next time I'm taking YOU with me for a run LOL. I never notice any money laying around :-/

Lisa - Slow & Steady said...

I don't think I've ever found money while running, but I run on a trail by a ditch bank (not on a street). I have seen interesting things while cycling though.

Lily on the Road said...

Put your found money in a jar and at the end of the year, buy yourself a treat...or pay for an out of town race....that's what we do!!!